Confidential Research

Stay a Step Ahead of Emerging Threats

It’s easy to get lost in the world of cyber perils. Actors in this space range from traditional hackers, to cybercriminals and cyber-hacktivists, using tools such as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware and and zero-day software exploits. As today’s security threats are understood, tomorrow’s are continually emerging in unexpected places, and constantly evolving to outsmart the best efforts to defend against them.

Fretwork can help businesses take a proactive approach to security by staying one step ahead of the latest dangers out there. Leveraging our global network of security insiders, we provide confidential research on cyber-related issues that matter to your organization, which can uncover emerging trends ahead of the industry. This unique service arms you against risks you don’t know about -- the kind that comes with costly public exposure should a compromise occur. Let us help you uncover the information you need to do business with confidence.
Our Approach
Don’t be fooled into thinking that antivirus products and security bulletins will protect your organization from the real threats that are out there. In the world of cyber attacks, uncertainty is the only certainty. Many organizations experience targeted attacks for reasons ranging from data theft to competitive intelligence. Whatever the reason, those seeking to compromise your IT enterprise will look for the weakest link, which could be people, processes, or technology you employ.

Fretwork offers our clients confidential research services, tailored to their needs to learn about the latest trends in cyber actors. If your organization could benefit form our discrete research services, contact Fretwork to setup a private consultation.
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