Due Diligence
Make Security Decisions With Confidence

Doing business in today’s dynamic, connected environment requires a certain amount of confidence in the security partners you work with. What you see is not always what you get. Real confidence comes with knowledge, and that takes dedicated research and due diligence. Fretwork is an expert at providing solid information and advice that can help guide you toward opportunities and steer you away from risks.

Our network of industry experts and insiders can help us gain a behind-the-scenes understanding of the companies or technologies you’re interested in, giving you a competitive advantage in planning your next moves. Whether your are merging two companies, acquiring an new technology, or hiring a partner to handle your mission critical data, no due diligence investigation is complete without a close examination of information security issues. Let Fretwork help reduce your organization's risk and give your decision makers confidence.
Our Approach
Fretwork’s due diligence services are designed to stand alone if you need independent analysis. However, we can also slipstream our analysis into larger investigative efforts and support comprehensive initatives when our customers need it. Our recommended approach validates baseline metrics, provides clients with a clear roadmap to resolve identified issues, creates a robust model for risk management of identified threats, and builds a foundation for effective resolution.

We can answer questions for our clients that, in many cases, they have not even considered. Will your company’s data be safe when you connect to new networks? Can your trust your partners to securely store your sensitive files with the same level of care that you do? Where are the weaknesses of your global trust model? Let Fretwork help your organization make decisions about information security with peace of mind.
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