Initiative Management

Launch Endeavors With Peace of Mind

New initiatives inherently come with a degree of risk, but also have the potential for high-reward. Whether your company is opening an office, starting an industry event, or launching a new service line, you’ll need leadership and project management expertise to get the job done. When this same initiative involves enterprise-level information security, a certain degree of technical competency is also required. While traditional security consultancies are numerous and offer cutting-edge technical services, management consultants are no less ubiquitous and offer polished approaches to process flow and implementation. How do you find a firm that has experience with both? In this space, Fretwork offers something unique.

We have experience working with the executive suite on long-term endeavors, backed up by our strong acumen working with the very technology that drives the information security industry. Between the two, Fretwork can provide organizations with a mature approach to rolling out a new endeavor that will be industry-relevant, keep costs under control, and ultimately offer your company peace of mind.
Our Approach
When you work with Fretwork to launch a strategic initiative, your organization not only benefits from our years of hand-on expertise on the technical side of this industry but also our experience in handling extended-term projects. Rather than arrive on site and assume control of the work at hand, our consultants work side-by-side with your team as an extended member of the organization, providing guidance and tactical solutions where they offer the most benefit.

Moreover, we operate globally, so you also benefit from our extended network of consultants around the world which gives us an even deeper pool of resources to draw from. Many of the initiatives we help launch are localized to a specific market or geographic region. Whenever possible we use local resources to inform our efforts and further guarantee your company’s success.
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