Solution Evaluation

Make Sound Investments in Security

When most organizations invest in information security, they envision buying the latest hack-proof product that will provide them with impenetrable networks, bulletproof servers, and securely coded applications. Unfortunately, this is not reality. Moreover, many companies approach security purchases as simply a hardware or software procurement process. This outside-in approach is all too common, and flawed, focusing too much on the tangible aspects of the IT environment and not enough on implementing controls to mitigate risks.

At Fretwork we believe that your most valuable corporate resource is your data, not the products that handle and use that data. Before spending significant sums on your next security purchase, let our experts walk you through our proven, data-centric approach to information security that will identify the most cost-effective and applicable security solutions for your organization.
Our Approach
It might seem unnecessary, but having a team of independent experts involved in your next information security investment could make the difference between buying a business-enabling technology and having another balance sheet write-off. Before the first vendor is called, Fretwork works with your organization to you identify and quantify valuable data throughout your IT ecosystem, assessing the strengths of information security solutions through the lens of data loss protection.

Once we know what is critical to your company, we can engage vendors and ask the hard questions that will bring the best solutions to the table. Fretwork then employs a step-by-step field test of each solution under evaluation, the results of which will provide your team with valuable independent analysis, enabling your decision-making capabilities.
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