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Obtaining strategic leadership in the area of information security is increasingly important for businesses today. But hiring a full-time security executive can be costly, and the timing may not be right. Fretwork provides executive advisory to help bridge the gap between business leaders and information security objectives. We can become your interim infosec officer, or a relied upon Trusted Advisor, providing guidance, training, and recommendations on an affordable, part-time basis. Whether you need a second opinion on emerging security issues your enterprise is facing, or an impartial third-party to help you select the right product vendor, Fretwork can provide your organization that executive support it needs.

As your information security advisor, you’ll have confidence that your business goals are being supported by an effective strategy that can be carried forward as your business grows.
Our Approach
Security expertise can be expensive. Sometimes the best choice is to hire that expertise in house, other times it’s best to consult with outside the company. Whatever your organization’s needs are, Fretwork can assist you by providing a schedule of services that will provide your enterprise with the counsel you need without breaking the bank.

We have advised numerous companies on a wide variety of information security issues and offer our expertise on a part-time or full-time basis. In many cases we become augmented staff for our clients, helping to drive security initiatives and integration projects as if we were employees of your company. Contact Fretwork if you need an advisor that can provide your organization with current, relevant advice on security matters.
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