Strategic Planning

Bridging the Information Security Gap

Considering how much the modern economy depends on information flow, it’s surprising that many companies still approach security in ad-hoc fashion. What good is all the data in the world if it cannot be authenticated, kept confidential when needed, and have assured integrity. Does your organization have a strategy for implementing these controls in a top-down fashion, consistent across the enterprise? If you are like many of the clients we meet with, the answer is likely “no.” Organizational strategies for information security can conjure up images of policy-like documents filled with legal sounding language that nobody wants to read, much less understand. Managers see security as a necessary evil, and end-users bemoan what they presume will be restrictions on their workflow.

At Fretwork, we think there is a better way. Even if external factors (like regulation) are the driving force behind your organization’s need for a security strategy, let us show you how to turn this process into a competitive advantage and even save your organization money in the process. Unifying security objectives under a single set of organizational goals can increase the efficiency the long-term effectiveness of your data protection needs.
Our Approach

If your company’s approach to information security a document filled with unintelligible legalese, complimented by vague statements of intent, then you are not alone. An effective information security strategy must be easily read, easily understood, and able to be driven with purpose. Strategy is only implemented when resources are well defined and those involved have a clear plan of action.

At Fretwork, we view information security strategy as an initiative that should be recognized and supported by the entire enterprise. Most often we find that there is a gap between the technologists who know the value of secure data and executives who see this as an “IT problem.” Our advisors seek to close this gap by creating a security strategy that supports business goals by ensuring safe transactions and proper data management -- let us show you how.

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